Sônia Silk Operation

Rio Belongs to Us

Fictional – 75’, 2013

Direction and Script: Ricardo Pretti

Starring: Marina Ximenes, Leandra Leal and Jiddu Pinheiro

Executive Production: Rita Toledo

Cinematography: Ivo Lopes Araújo

Art Direction: Luisa Horta

Direct Sound: Pedro Diógenes

Editing: Guto Parente and Luiz Pretti

Post-production Coordination: Vanessa Marques

Graphic Design: Tatiana C. Bond

Color Grading and Sound Mixing: Teleimage

A production by Bruno Safadi, Carol Benjamin, Felipe Bragança, Leandra Leal, Ricardo Pretti e Rita Toledo

Coproduction: Canal Brasil and Teleimage 

Production: Daza Filmes, TB Produções and Alumbramento


 After receiving a strange post-card, Marina, a 30 year old woman, decides to return to Rio de Janeiro, her hometown. Having been absent for 10 years, Marina doesn’t know exactly why she’s back, and searches for answers to strange things that have been happening to her. Rio de Janeiro seems to be mysteriously spellbound.

In 2015, the film hit theaters in the following cities: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Vitória, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte. It is currently being exhibited in Canal Brasil TV Channel, VOD platforms and DVD.

. International Premiere at Rotterdam International Film Festival 2013

. Selected for La Habana International Festival of Latin American

Cinema 2013

. Rio Festival 2013

. São Paulo International Film Festival 2013

. CPH PIX Copenhagen Film Festival 2014

. Cine Vitória 2014

. Tiradentes Festival 2014

. Free Film Show 2014

. Porto Alegre Summer Film Festival 2014.

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