The Man who Talked

to Butterflies

Fictional – 90’, 2018

Script and direction: Rita Toledo

Production: Carol Benjamin

Starring: Leandra Leal

Consultancy in Films From Rio: Julie Bergeron

Marie Pierre Macia, Licia Eminenti, David Grumbach and

Laurent Danielou.

Producer: Carol Benjamin

Production Company: Daza Filmes

. Funding by the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund

PRODAV 05/2014 (Development)

. Selected for the program Films from Rio 2016/17.

Synopsis: “The Man Who Talked To Butterflies” follows the search of Manuela (Leandra Leal) for her husband Patrick, a French anthropologist. While conducting a research amongst the  Indians in the Amazon, Patrick goes on a mysterious expedition into the forest, accompanied by only one Indian and does not return. Upon hearing about his disappearance, Manuela decides to go to the indigenous village and search for her husband.