Sônia Silk Operation

The End of an Age

Fictional – 70’, 2014

Direction: Bruno Safadi and Ricardo Pretti

Executive Production: Rita Toledo

Cinematography: Lucas Barbi

Editing: Luiz Pretti

Sound Design: Edson Secco

Post-production Coordination:

Vanessa Marques

Graphic Design: Tatiana Bond

Color Grading and Sound Mixing:


Starring: Marina Ximenes, Leandra Leal

and Jiddu Pinheiro

Synopsis: What is this thing called love?

This funny thing called love?

Who can solve its mystery?

Why does it make a fool out of me?

In 2015, the film hit theaters in the following cities: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Vitória, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte. It is currently being shown on Channel Brazil, VOD platforms and DVD.

. Selected for Rotterdam International Film Festival 2015

. Rio Festival 2013.

. São Paulo International Film Festival 2013

. Munich International Film Festival 2015.

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