Adaptation Festival

4 edition in Rio de Janeiro

2010, 2011, 2012, 2014.

General Direction and Curatorship:

Carol Benjamin e Rita Toledo

Production Company: Daza Filmes

The Adaptation Festival has had the honor

to receive, among your guests:

Bráulio Mantovani, Hernani Heffner,

João Gilberto Noll, Jorge Furtado,

Jorge Mautner, José Carlos Avellar,

José Miguel Wisnik, Lourenço Mutarelli,

Marçal Aquino, Milton Hatoum,

Nelson Pereira dos Santos, Ruy Guerra,

Walter Carvalho, os mexicanos

Fernando Eimbcke e Paz Alicia

Garciadiego, os argentinos

Marcelo Piñeyro e Miguel Machalski,

os cubanos Eliseo Altunaga, Senel Paz

e Arturo Arango, o americano Joe Cacaci,

among many others.

A project for fomenting whiting and cinemathographic production, on the borderline between film and literature. Further than being an exhibition window, the Festival is to establishes a place of contact between the general public and directors, screenwriters, writers, thinkers and other artists invited to each edition. For four years, Adaptation Festival has taken to various cultural centers in Rio de Janeiro (CCBB-Rio, Caixa Cultural, Espaço Itaú de Cinema, Oi Futuro), a program involving film exhibitions,debates, workshops, courses and screenwriting labs. At each editon,a a theme is chosen by the curators and guides the choice of films, conferences and courses. The fourth edition of Adaptation Festival, which took place in May 2014, was based on the theme “The gears of fiction” and discussed the narrative and creative processes of screenwriters, writers and invited directors.

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