Divine Divas

Documentary – 90’, 2016

Direction: Leandra Leal

Screenplay: Carol Benjamin, Leandra Leal,

Lucas Paraizo and Natara Ney

Editing: Natara Ney

Cinematography: David Pacheco

Soundtrack: Plínio Profeta

Sound design and mixing: Audiorama Filmes

Post-production: Afinal Filmes

Opening titles and motion graphics: 

Renato Vilarouca and Rico Vilarouca

Additional  editing: Mariana Penedo

Production management: Elaine Soares


Productions supervisor: Danielle Villanova

Executive production: Carol Benjamin

Coproducers: Bianca Villar, Fernando Fraiha 

and Karen Castanho

Producers: Carol Benjamin, Leandra Leal,

Natara Ney and Rita Toledo

Distributed by: Vitrine Filmes

Coproduction: Biônica Filmes and Canal Brasil

Production Company: Daza Filmes

Synopsis: The Divine Divas are iconic performers of the first generation of Brazilian transvestite artists in the 1960s. One of the first venues that gave shelter to men dressed as women was Rival Theatre, directed by Américo Leal, the grandfather of the director. The film brings to the scene the intimacy, the talent and the stories of a generation that revolutionized sexual behavior and challenged the moral of a country.

. A film by Daza Filmes in coproduction with Biônica Filmes and Canal Brasil TV channel

. Awarded by Longa DOC 2013 bid from Brazilian Ministry of Culture

. Selected for São Paulo Filmmaker’s Workshop 2013 by Tribeca Film Institute

. Winner of Best Documentary by the Popular Jury and the Felix Award at Rio Int’l Film Festival 2016

.  Winner of Best Director Award and Best Film by the Popular Juri at Aruanda Film Festival

. Selected by the SXSW Festival 2017