inside the game

Hybrid movie – 80’, 2016

Direction: Jorge Itapuã

Script: Carol Benjamin

Co-writers: Amanda Baião and Rita Toledo

Starring: Isabel Zua and Nestor Capoeira

Editing: Jorge Itapuã, Rodrigo Savastano

and Yan Motta.

Executive production: Carol Benjamin

Danielle Villanova and João Prates Correia

Associate producer: Rose La Creta

Producers: Carol Benjamin, Jorge Itapuã,

Leandra Leal and Rita Toledo

Coproduction: Olhar Feminino

Production Company: Daza Filmes

Exhibition in Brazil: Canal Curta! (Pay TV)

Distribution: Synapse Distribuidora  

Synopsis: Ella (Isabél Zuaa) decides to follow her master Jorge Itapuã on a long journey to meet and document the Capoeira movement of other countries. Together they cross Europe and visit places such as Israel, India, USA, Japan and Indonesia. While Itapuã performs, Ella shoots every step of this adventure with her camera. However, being in contact with different cultures awakens Ella’s desire of becoming a master herself. As Ella embraces the idea of not being behind the camera anymore, her relationship with her master faces strong transformations.

Funding by the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund – PRODAV 01/2012

. Selected for the 40th São Paulo Intl. Film Fest and 38th

 Habana’s Festival.