Short – 20′, 2018


Direction and Screenplay: Rita Toledo 

Production ManagementPaula Lemos

Executive Production: Paula Lemos

Editing: Virgínia Primo

CinematographyYair Halper

Art direction: Mônica Delfino

Soundtrack: Felipe Barros

Mixing: Damião Lopes

Sound direction: Robertinho de Oliveira

Sound editing: Felippe Mussel

Set dresser: Julie Nunes

Cast: Elisa Ottoni, Leandra Leal, Hugo Lobo, Anita Chaves, Younnan Nohra e Rafael Losso

A production by Carol Benjamin, Leandra Leal e Rita Toledo  

Production: Daza Filmes


Teenage girl Amanda is back to the country house where she spent her childhood. In nature, where love can take many shapes, Amanda stumbles into her sexuality.  

. Première at Rio Int’l Film Festival 2018

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