A Thousand Women

Documentary – 90’, 2018

Direction, Screenplay and Curation: Rita Toledo

Co-Direction and Curation: Carol Benjamin

Research and Screenplay: Marlene Haberard

Visual Identity: Tatiana C. Bond

Production Management: Lívia Borges 

Executive Production: Danielle Villanova

A production by Carol Benjamin, Leandra Leal and Rita Toledo

Production: Daza Filmes

Exhibition in Brasil: Canal Curta! (Pay TV)

. Awarded by the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund PRODAV 01/2015 with funds for production.


The THOUSAND WOMEN PROJECT brings together female artists to create original artworks inspired by stories of other women who have suffered gender violence. We follow the artists while they bring their projects to life, showing processes of self-affirmation and transformation of the reality around them.