A Thousand Women

Documentary – 90’, 2018

Direction, Screenplay and Curation: Rita Toledo

Co-Direction and Curation: Carol Benjamin

Research and Screenplay: Marlene Haberard

Visual Identity: Tatiana C. Bond

Production Management: Lívia Borges 

Executive Production: Danielle Villanova

A production by Carol Benjamin, Leandra Leal and Rita Toledo

Production: Daza Filmes

Exhibition in Brasil: Canal Curta! (Pay TV)

. Awarded by the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund PRODAV 01/2015 with funds for production.


A THOUSAND WOMEN starting point is an interaction device: feminist artists, selected by an online open call, create artistic projects inspired by other women’s stories. The film proposes a reflection on activism and gender identity through expressions of women in art following four artists when they are in the core of their creative process: Ana Luisa Santos (Brazil), Bia Ferreira (Brazil), Florencia Duran (Uruguay) and Lena Chen (USA). 


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