Hugs from Brazil

Documentary – 15’, 2014

Direction: Carol Benjamin,

Leandra Leal e Rita Toledo

Editing: Natara Ney

Production Direction: Danielle Villanova

Research: Danielle Villanova, Janaina Toscan

e Sofia Benjamin

Color Grading: Azul que não há

Soundtrack: Felipe Barros, Claudio Alves

Sound Design and Sound Mixing:

Audiorama Filmes

Visual Identity: Tatiana Bond

Executive Production: Carol Benjamin

e Rita Toledo

Production Company: Daza Filmes

Sinopse: They came by bike, on foot, by bus, on

motorhomes. They crossed deserts, some crossed the

continent, they slept on the streets and in hotels in the

favelas. Always with their cameras, they wandered around

the city and experienced the World Cup as a huge party.

Entirely made up of the images recorded by the travelers

themselves, this short film shows the Rio de Janeiro they

found, and the adventures of being in the World Cup.

“Hugs from Brazil” is part of the project “The World Cup

was here” (A Copa passou por aqui), created by

Jorge Furtado for Sportv channel.

. A film by Daza Filmes for Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre, as a part of the project “A Copa Passou por Aqui”, created by the director Jorge Furtado for Sportv TV channel.

. 6o CINEfoot – International Film Festival of Football

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