The Life Ahead

10 episodes of 45’

A TV series by Carol Benjamin, Leandra Leal and Rita Toledo

Script: Carol Benjamin and Rita Toledo

Script Consultancy: Dawn Prestwich and Luiz Bolognesi

Production: Daza Filmes

Selected to TV Writing Intensive Course, ministered by Joe Cacaci and Trey Ellis, from Columbia University (NY / USA) in Rio de Janeiro. The program was promoted by Columbia Global Center and sponsored by Rio Filme.

. Selected for the Pitching Sessions of Rio Content Market 2016.

. Selected for o Nalip 2016 (LA / EUA).

. Awarded by the Audiovisual Sectorial Fund PRODAV 05/2015 with funds for script development.

The series begins on the night of the costume party celebrating the graduation of a group of school friends. The year is 1999. School is over and the kids are going about the preparation for the great event. That night, however, will be interrupted by terrible news: the death of Beta, at the age of 17. Throughout the series, while the reasons for her death are unveiled, the group of friends is confronted with the transformations brought about by such a radical experience.