Sonia Silk Operation


Directors: Bruno Safadi e Ricardo Pretti

Creation and Production: Bruno Safadi, Carol Benjamin,

Felipe Bragança, Leandra Leal, Ricardo Pretti e Rita Toledo

A series of three fiction feature films, starred by Leandra Leal

Mariana Ximenes and Jiddu Pinheiro, made cooperatively and

cwith a single crew. In 2015, the films were released in movie theaters

in five Brazilian cities – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte,

Porto Alegre e Vitória – and are currently being exhibited in

Canal Brasil TV channel.

Awards: Post-production Hubert Bals Fund, from Rotterdam International

Film Festival (“Rio Belongs to Us” e “Harmonica’s Howl”); Post-production Award by

Rio de Janeiro State Secretariat for Culture (“Harmonica’s Howl”).

A project by DAZA Filmes, TB Produções e Alumbramento in coproduction with Canal Brasil

TV channel and Teleimage.